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  Training programmes on the analysis of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)slide

This project aims to improve the harmonisation of GMO analysis by establishing regional and eventually, international networks, and providing training to enforcement laboratories. It involves:

  • Evaluation of needs and priorities;
  • Identification of the relevant institutions and experts;
  • Regional networking meetings, training courses and follow-up networking meetings.

Why is it necessary?

A GMO event is the unique DNA recombination in a plant cell which then is used to generate transgenic plants. According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the GMO events approved for marketing in the world are 130 and increasing. Some 20 of these are authorised for food or feed use in Europe. A specific organism may be authorised in an exporting country but not in an importing country.

A more uniform approach to GMO analysis and understanding of EU control and safety requirements will help international trade. Capacity-building through training can increase the expertise of non-EU operators, helping them adapt their procedures for checking compliance with EU requirements.

Who manages the programme?

The Joint Research Centre Institute for Health and Consumer Protection

Who is the programme aimed at?

The programme targets representatives of enforcement bodies and project leaders involved in GMO analysis from non-EU, especially developing countries:

  • Regional networking meetings - 35-40 participants;
  • Follow-up networking meetings - 20 participants;
  • Training courses - participants 14.

Events take place in different regions of the world. Each is tailored to countries in that region.

How can you participate?

Currently, 5 events are planned for:

  • Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Africa and Asia;
  • One for new EU, candidate, potential candidate and 'European Neighbourhood Policy' countries.

When and where?

  • Candidate, potential candidate and ENP countries - April/May 2011
  • Asia - October/November 2011
  • Africa - January/February 2012
  • Latin America and the Caribbean - May/June 2012
  • 2nd Global Conference on GMO Analysis

Exact dates and locations are to be defined.



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