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Food contact materials (FCM) are materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, including packaging, cutlery, dishes, processing machines and containers. They should not transfer their components into foodstuffs in unacceptable quantities. To protect consumer and avoid contamination of foodstuffs, migration limits have been established for plastic materials.

Recent reports have concluded that migration of plasticisers often exceeds the specified limits. Training has been identified as a key tool for improving the effectiveness of official controls verifying compliance with these limits.

Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 PDF and its implementing measures require manufacturers to provide declarations of compliance with migration limits along with supporting documentation. This documentation must be checked by official inspectors for which appropriate training is necessary.

Who has been awarded the contract for arranging the training?

The European Training Platform for Safer Food, for further information please visit: http://www.trainsaferfood.eu/

How many workshops are taking place?

Six workshops three-day workshops are to be held.

Who is the training aimed at?

Two workshops are for staff of competent authorities responsible for setting up control plans. The other four are aimed at inspectors of food and FCM premises. Participants should mainly come from EU Member States and candidate countries. Each workshop caters for about 45 participants.

How do I participate?

Anyone interested in taking part in training should contact their relevant national competent authority. The national competent authority proposes participants to the Better Training for Safer Food National Contact Point, who sends the list of participants to the contractor. The contractor submits the list to the Commission for approval.

The list of Better Training for Safer Food National Contact Points can be found at: http://ec.europa.eu/food/training_strategy/participants/ms_contact_points_en.htm

What activities are planned?

Workshops will include presentations, discussion sessions and extensive practical work.

What topics are covered?

  • EU provisions on food contact materials with special focus on provisions adopted in recent years;
  • Setting up of national control plans on FCM;
  • Preparation of check lists for inspectors by competent authorities;
  • Information on different materials used in FCM;
  • Inspections of declarations of compliance and supporting documentation;
  • Inspections of FCM premises and sampling.

When and where are the workshops taking place?

Courses for staff of competent authorities responsible for setting up control plans take place in:

  • Ljubljana on 17-19 May 2010,
  • Tallinn on 13-15 September 2010.

Courses for inspectors of food and FCM premises take place in:

  • Ljubljana on 19-21 May 2010,
  • Lisbon on 8-10 June 2010,
  • Tallinn on 15-17 September 2010,
  • Lisbon on 19-21 October 2010.



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