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Concrete training activities began in 2006. Training has since been organised through the periodical launch of public procurement processes aimed at concluding contracts for the implementation of training programmes. External contractors are responsible for the selection of participants, tutors, training locations and dates all of which are subject to Commission approval.

Communication COM (2006) 519 of September 2006 gave an overview of the evolution of the training activity in the short, medium and long term and analysed organisational and management options. It identified a medium-long term steady state of 6,000 participants and a budget of € 15 million annually, to be reached around 2011–2012.

BTSF evolution 2006 – 2011

In the chart below, details are given on the global evolution of the programme (except its African component) since 2006 in terms of budget, number of training activities and number of participants. The average training cost per participant per day is approximately € 585 which includes all expenditures such as travel, accommodation, tutors, etc.

Global evolution of the programme