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Training Strategy - Training 2007

Training 2007

Calls for tender were launched during 2006 for the conclusion of contracts for the organisation, management and implementation of Community training activities to take place in 2007. These activities focus on the areas of food and feed safety, animal health and animal welfare, and plant health.

Contracts have now been awarded to contractors, who have undertaken to organise, manage and implement these activities. The courses cater for around 3 000 participants over 62 training events and nine periods of sustained training and assistance.

Twelve training programmes are to be implemented during 2007. Of these, eight are to be carried out in the EU and four in third countries. They are, in particular, aimed at staff of competent authorities of Member States involved in official controls, and participants from selected third countries.

The eight training courses taking place in the EU cover:

The four training courses taking place in third countries cover: