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  Food Safety: From the Farm to the Fork - Training Strategy - Training on standards for stunning and killing animalsslide

Training on standards for stunning and killing animals

Community legislation on slaughtering practices aims to minimise animals' suffering by using approved stunning and killing methods. Reports have highlighted deficiencies in this area in the EU and elsewhere. Disease outbreaks have exposed the limitations of certain slaughter techniques used for disease control. It is vital to respond to public concern about slaughter methods.

One workshop on animal welfare standards was held during 2006. It took place in Bristol in September and was attended by 85 participants from EU Member States and 30 non-EU countries.

The workshop looked at EU legislation on animal welfare, the scientific basis for proper handing, stunning and killing, and the main techniques applied in Europe. Auditing methods to evaluate adherence to regulations, means of enforcing compliance, and the experience gained from animal disease epidemics, were also covered. The event included visits to slaughterhouses, to observe and evaluate the facilities and procedures for guaranteeing high standards of animal welfare.

A workshop on animal welfare standards in slaughterhouse and disease control situations is to be held in 2007. More information on the programme will be published at these pages when it becomes available.



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