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  Training on the evaluation and registration of plant protection productsslide

Active ingredients used in plant protection products in the European Union must not pose a threat to human health or the environment. Nor must they exceed established Maximum Residue Levels.
Active substances which are authorised for use in plant protection products are listed in Annex I of Directive 91/414. Member States are required to ensure that plant protection products on the market comply with the conditions of inclusion on this list for each active substance.
Member States joining the EU in 2004 and 2007 need to ensure that active substances, listed on Annex I of the directive prior to their accession, which are available on their markets are examined properly to ensure compliance. Appropriate training should ease this task.

How many workshops are taking place?

A five-day workshop and a three-day follow-up meeting are to be organised.

Who is the training aimed at?

The training is aimed at national-level competent authority staff responsible for evaluating and registering plant protection products. Participants are to be exclusively from EU Member States acceding in 2004 and 2007, candidate countries and European Neighbourhood Policy states. The workshop caters for around 35 participants and the follow-up meeting for approximately 15 delegates.

What activities are planned?

For the workshop:

  • The first two days consist of an introduction and plenary sessions related to Directive 91/414, key problem areas and administrative and scientific procedures.
  • Day three is spent on spent in working groups performing practical exercises on post inclusion, planning and administration activities, followed by reviews of the exercises.
  • Day four is dedicated to a plenary session on re-registration of plant protection products at national level and practical workshop exercises.
  • The final day mainly consists of reviewing lessons learned and discussion.
For the follow-up meeting:
  • The first day is spent reviewing the workshop;
  • On the second day participants look, in plenary, at EU "worksharing" projects and take part in working groups;
  • The final day is spent in plenary on Q&A sessions, identification of future challenges and reviewing the entire activity.

What topics are covered?

Topics will include:

  • Administrative procedures and scientific principles of the re-registration process for plant protection products following authorisation of an existing active substance;
  • Administration of non-inclusion decisions including revocation procedures and timescales;
  • Co-ordination between Member States for efficient administration and resource saving;
  • Practical examples to be used in order to reduce the backlog of work in new Member States.

When and where are the events taking place?

Both the workshop and the follow-up meeting are held in Bratislava, Slovakia.

  • The workshop takes place on 18-22 June;
  • The follow-up meeting takes place on 10-12 September.

How do I participate?

Anyone interested in taking part in training should contact their relevant national competent authority. The national competent authority proposes participants to the Better Training for Safer Food National Contact Point, who sends the list of participants to the contractor. The contractor submits the list to the Commission for approval. The list of Better Training for Safer Food National Contact Points can be found at:

Who has been awarded the contract for arranging the workshops?

The European Training Platform for Safer Food (TrainSaferFood)

Further information on training can be found at:



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