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  Training for ASEAN laboratory staff in food testing applicationslide

A network of six ASEAN Reference Laboratories (ARLs) has been established under the EC-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Programme on Standards, Quality and Conformity assessment. ARLs disseminate approved analysis methods to National Reference Laboratories in the ASEAN region by training staff and providing technical assistance.
In 2005, the EC-ASEAN Programme trained nearly 100 analysts in the detection of pesticides and veterinary drug residues, aflatoxins, GMOs, heavy metals and pathogens and their toxins.
Providing training in food testing to ARLs aims to help ASEAN countries to improve the scientific competence of official testing services. It should allow National Reference Laboratory analysts to strengthen their technical capacities and disseminate new methods at national level.

How many workshops are taking place?

Six five-day workshops are to be organised.

Who is the training aimed at?

The training is aimed at analysts from both ASEAN reference laboratories and other laboratories in ASEAN member states responsible for applying food testing procedures. Each workshop caters for around 20 participants.

What activities are planned?

  • Participants have the opportunity to work on practical aspects of the development and application of methods of analysis validated by EU Community Reference Laboratories.
  • The majority of the training time is dedicated to practical training in the application of methods of analysis. This ranges from preparation of samples to the interpretation of results.
  • Feedback questionnaires are completed by participants after each training session. They are used, if necessary, to modify the technical content and programme.

What topics are covered?

One session is dedicated to training in each of the following:

  • Detection of veterinary drug residues;
  • Detection of mycotoxins;
  • Detection of pesticides residues;
  • Microbiology;
  • Detection of GMOs;
  • Detection of heavy metals.

When and where are the workshops taking place?

The workshops are all held in ASEAN reference laboratories on the following dates and in the following locations.

  • 4-8 June, Singapore;
  • 2-6 July, Dong Nai (Vietnam);
  • 16-20 July, Singapore;
  • 23-27 July, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia);
  • 20 - 24 August Pathun Thani, (Thailand);
  • 3-7 September, Nonthaburi, (Thailand).

How do I participate?

Anyone interested in taking part in training should contact their relevant national competent authority. For third countries, the national competent authority proposes participants directly to the relevant contractor. The contractor then submits the list of participants to the Commission for approval.

Who has been awarded the contract for arranging the training?

The European Training Platform for Safer Food (TrainSaferFood)

Further information on the programme can be found at:



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