Review of legislation on official controls

Review of legislation on official controls


The European Parliament and the Council reached a political agreement on the new Regulation on Official Controls on 15 June 2016. The Regulation was part of a package of proposals presented by the Commission in May 2013 to strengthen the enforcement of a broad range of rules applicable to the agri-food chain.

The new rules will replace Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 on official controls and other legislation which currently governs the enforcement of rules along the agri-food chain; it is expected to enter into force in the first quarter of 2017 and to be applicable by 2020.

EU Official Control rules are a key element of the governance of the agri-food chain in Europe, which are world-wide recognised as an example of best practice. Those rules provide national enforcers and the Commission with the necessary powers to ensure effective enforcement of regulatory requirements, and with mechanisms that allow full cooperation of all parties involved in ensuring the correct application of the law across national borders.

The Official Controls Regulation also provides the Commission with audit and control powers in the Member States and Third Countries, and with the power to take action at EU level.

Main Elements

To access all main elements and changes of this new regulation, please refer to the detailed information below:

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Risk Based Approach

Official Controls on the Operator's Processes and Activities

Transparency of Official Controls – Greater Accountability of Competent Authorities

Delegation of Control Tasks of the Competent Authorities

Operators' Obligations

Official Laboratories

Reference Laboratories and Centres

Sampling, Analysis, Tests and Diagnosis

Border Controls

Official Certification

Administrative Assistance and Cooperation

Financing of Official Controls and Other Official Activities

Enforcement actions by the Competent Authorities

Enforcement Measures


Sector specific control rules

Relation between Official Controls Regulation and the Animal Health Law & The Plant Health Law

Commission Empowerments: Future-Proof Legislation