The search tool only allows searches for health claims*, and not nutrition claims.

* Health claims for which protection of proprietary data is granted (and for which the right of use of the claim is restricted to the benefit of the applicant) are only listed here.

You can also download the complete dataset of nutrition and health claims in the following formats: Download Excel List (1.14 Mb)   Download PDF List (2.22 Mb)

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States the classification of the health claim in the relevant Articles of Regulation EC 1924/2006:

  • Article 13 or 'Function' health claims: relating to the growth, development and functions of the body, referring to psychological and behavioural functions, or referring to slimming or weight-control.
  • Article 13(5) 'function' claims based on newly developed scientific evidence and/or requesting the protection of proprietary data;
  • Article 14 reduction of disease risk claim or claims referring to children's development and health.