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Conclusions and Actions following the DG SANCO 2006 Peer Review Group on Stakeholder Involvement

In June 2006, a Peer Review Group - chaired by Mr. Madelin - was established to assist DG SANCO in reviewing its experience concerning stakeholder involvement and to identify best practices and improvements to the existing consultation system.

It included a mixed representation of stakeholders affected by the different SANCO policy areas. Industry (federations and individual firms), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Member States as well as local and regional authorities were all represented in the group. In addition to stakeholders, the group also included experts on public participation.

The group met four times in the course of 2006 (13th June, 7th September, 11th October and 1st of December) and focused its work on four main issues: “Stakeholders & Inequalities” (WG A), “Feedback & Communication” (WG B), “Stakeholder Planning & Resources” (WG C) and “Comitology” (WG D).

The work of the Peer Review Group resulted in a series of recommendations, agreed by DG SANCO, to improve stakeholder involvement and participation. For more insight please read the report pdf Updated 03-04-2007.

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