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International Conference on 30 Years Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) – Keeping an eye on your food

16 July 2009, Brussels, Belgium

Dear Visitor,

In the context of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF), DG 'Health and Consumers' is organising the above high-level conference to give operators, consumers and authorities the opportunity to interact and reinforce the network of interested common parties worldwide in order to achieve the highest possible level of food safety. Through a real exchange of knowledge and views between the various stakeholders, the conference will explore the current role of the RASFF in food safety and how the system can be further improved and enhanced.

Commissioner Vassiliou will open the conference and offer a glimpse of what RASFF is all about. Work done and work in progress will be explained both by the European Commission, which is managing the system, and by a Member State actively participating in it. Other views of the system will be presented through keynote speeches by the ASEAN secretariat, BEUC and WHO.

A brand new RASFF public portal and a new IT application replacing the current RASFF public weekly will also be launched. Furthermore, a video, as well as the 2008 Annual Report will be presented, together with a special booklet on the 30 years of the system and an explanatory RASFF leaflet. All will be available online from 16 July.

In the afternoon, panels will open the floor for discussion around the following themes: "stakeholder expectations of the RASFF", "global food safety and alert systems" and "future challenges for the EU food safety system and the role of RASFF".

The detailed programme of the conference is available at




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