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Evaluation of the Community Plant Health Regime

An evaluation of the existing Community plant health regime was carried out by external consultants (the Food Chain Evaluation Consortium, FCEC), under the guidance of a Steering Group composed of Commission services plus experts from five Member States. The evaluation started in June 2009 and took 12 months.

General information

General information on the objectives and procedures for evaluations in the Commission:

Objectives of the evaluation of the plant health regime

The first objective of the evaluation was to analyse, in an independent way, the results of the existing CPHR as compared to the acknowledged objectives that were set out by the Community when it was introduced. Information was to be collected through among others desk studies, questionnaires and in-depth interviews with stakeholders and Member State authorities.

The second objective of the evaluation was to clarify which aspects of the current regime need to be improved and to suggest potential options for amendment, including possible improvements to its structure and working practices. This aspect would have a strong focus on options and recommendations for the design of the future policy and the development by Commission services of a Community plant health strategy. For all recommendations, a judgment would be provided concerning the choice for a certain recommendation in comparison with other options based on the:

  • Relevance to the objectives of the regime and the problems identified;
  • Costs / benefits analysis of different options;
  • Coherence with wider economic, social and environmental objectives;
  • Interaction with other existing and planned Community interventions;
  • Pros and cons of the option;
  • Support by stakeholders, Member State policy authorities and National Plant Protection Organisations of Member States.


The evaluation was carried out using a range of tools, including a general survey of Competent Authorities and stakeholders, a specific cost survey, 12 Member State field visits and five thematic case studies.

The general survey was launched by the FCEC by the end of September 2009. The objective was to collect the data and comments of Competent Authorities and relevant stakeholders on the implementation of the current Community Plant Health Regime as well as their suggestions for the future. To this end, two questionnaires were prepared, one for Competent Authorities and one for stakeholders. The specific cost survey was launched by FCEC at the end of October 2009. The objective was to collect specific cost data on the most significant obligations as well as to get the opinion of Competent Authorities and relevant stakeholders on several issues related to the costs and the benefits, as well as the future of the CPHR. The survey questionnaires are given below for information (filled questionnaires can no longer be submitted).

Reports delivered by FCEC

Further information on the review of the regime

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