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Produits phytopharmaceutiques - Documents d'orientation concernant la mise en ouvre de la directive 91/414/CEE du Conseil


GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS - (Pesticide Residues)

Introduction to EU pesticide residue legislation pdf(17KB)

Programme of work on pesticide residue levels (MRLs) (Doc. 9205/VI/97) pdf (163KB)

  • MRL

EU MRLs sorted by crop pdf (1432KB) updated 20/01/2003

EU MRLs sorted by pesticide pdf (1265KB) updated 20/01/2003

EU MRLs sorted by food commodity pdf (1430KB) updated 20/01/2003

  • Import Tolerance

Working document guidance notes on "EC Import Tolerances" (Doc. 7196/VI/99) pdf (182KB)

  • Guidelines for the generation of data concerning residues as provided in Annex II part A, section 6 and Annex III, part A, section 8 of Directive 91/414/EEC concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market

Foreword, (Doc. 1607/VI/97), 10 June 1999 pdf (7KB)

Appendix A - Metabolism and distribution in plants, (Doc. 7028/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf (51KB)

Appendix B - General recommendations for the design, preparation and realization of residue trials, (Doc. 7029/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf (195KB)

  -  Annex 2 - Classification of (minor) crops not listed in the Appendix of Council Directive 90/642 pdf (136KB)

Appendix C - Testing of plant protection products in rotational crops, (Doc. 7524/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf (36KB)

Appendix D - Comparability, extrapolation, group tolerances and data requirements, (Doc. 7525/VI/95), 12 June 2001 pdf (196KB)

Appendix E - Processing studies, (Doc. 7035/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf (52KB)

Appendix F - Metabolism and distribution in domestic animals, (Doc. 7030/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf (17KB)

Appendix G - Livestock feeding studies, (Doc. 7031/VI/95), 22 July 1996 pdf (39KB)

Appendix H - Storage stability of residue samples, (Doc. 7032/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf (23KB)

Appendix I - Calculation of maximum residue levels and safety intervals, (Doc. 7039/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf (98KB)

  • Analytical Methods

Residue analytical methods - for post-registration control and monitoring, (Doc. SANCO/8259/00), 17 March 2004 pdf (53KB)   updated

Residues on analytical methods - for registration data requirements for Annex II (part A, Section 4) and Annex III (part A, Section 5), (Doc. SANCO/3029/99), 11 July 2000 pdf (53KB)   updated

Quality control procedures for pesticide residues analysis (Doc. SANCO/10476/2003), 5 February 2004 pdf (387KB)

  • OECD recommendations & proposals

Minimum Data Requirements for Establishing Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) including Import Tolerances (Doc. SANCO/3029/99), 29 September 1999 pdf (+/-145KB)


The scope for extending extrapolations to reduce the need for plant protection residues trials on minor crops en pdf (783KB)

Proposals for extending and harmonizing efficacy and crop safety extrapolations to reduce the need for efficacy trials on minor crops en pdf (278KB)



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