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Vegetable Propagating Material

Basic Directive

  • Council Directive 2008/72/EEC of 15 July 2008 (Codified version of Directive 92/33/EEC) on the marketing of vegetable propagating and planting material, other than seed

Implementing measures of Directive 2008/72/EEC :

  • 2010/680/EU: Commission Decision of 9 November 2010 releasing Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, France, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom from the obligation to apply to certain species Council Directives 66/401/EEC, 66/402/EEC, 68/193/EEC, 1999/105/EC, 2002/54/EC, 2002/55/EC and 2002/57/EC on the marketing of fodder plant seed, cereal seed, material for the vegetative propagation of the vine, forest reproductive material, beet seed, vegetable seed and seed of oil and fibre plants respectively (notified under document C(2010) 7578) Text with EEA relevance

  • Commission Directive 93/62/EEC of 5 July 1993 setting out the implementing measures concerning the supervision and monitoring of suppliers and establishments pursuant to Council Directive 2008/72/EEC on the marketing of vegetable propagating and planting material, other than seed
    Official Journal L 250, 07/10/1993 p. 29 - 30

  • Commission Directive 93/61/EEC of 2 July 1993 setting out the schedules indicating the conditions to be met by vegetable propagating and planting material, other than seed pursuant to Council Directive 2008/72/EEC
    Official Journal L 250, 07/10/1993 p. 19 - 28

Vegetable Seed

Basic Directive

Implementing measures of Directive 2002/55/EC :

  • Directive 2011/180/EU: Commission Decision of 23 March 2011 implementing Council Directive 2002/55/EC as regards conditions under which the placing on the market of small packages of mixtures of standard seed of different vegetable varieties belonging to the same species may be authorised

  • Directive 2009/145/EC of 26 November 2009 providing for certain derogations, for acceptance of vegetable landraces and varieties which have been traditionally grown in particular localities and regions and are threatened by genetic erosion and of vegetable varieties with no intrinsic value for commercial crop production but developed for growing under particular conditions and for marketing of seed of those landraces and varieties (Text with EEA relevance)

  • Commission Decision 2007/321/EC of 2 May 2007 releasing the United Kingdom from certain obligations for the marketing of vegetable seed under Council Directive 2002/55/EC.

  • Commission Regulation (EC) No 217/2006 of 8 February 2006 laying down rules for the application of Council Directives 66/401/EEC, 66/402/EEC, 2002/54/EC, 2002/55/EC and 2002/57/EC as regards the authorisation of Member States to permit temporarily the marketing of seed not satisfying the requirements in respect of the minimum germination (Text with EEA relevance) OJ L 38, 9.2.2006, p. 17–18

  • Council Decision 2005/834/EC of 8 November 2005 on the equivalence of checks on practices for the maintenance of varieties carried out in certain third countries and amending Decision 2003/17/EC

  • Commission Decision 2004/842/EC of 1 December 2004 concerning implementing rules whereby Member States may authorise the placing on the market of seed belonging to varieties for which an application for entry in the national catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species or vegetable species has been submitted

  • Commission Directive 2003/91/EC of 6 October 2003 setting out implementing measures for the purposes of Article 7 of Council Directive 2002/55/EC as regards the characteristics to be covered as a minimum by the examination and the minimum conditions for examining certain varieties of vegetable species as last amended by Commission Directive 2009/97/EC of 3 August 2009 (Text with EEA relevance) pdf
    Official Journal L 254, 08/10/2003 p. 11 - 13

  • Commission Decision 90/639/EEC of 12 November 1990 determining the names to be borne by the varieties derived from the varieties of vegetable species listed in Decision 89/7/EEC Official Journal L 348, 12/12/1990 p. 1 - 59

  • Commission Directive 89/14/EEC of 15 December 1988 determining the groups of varieties of spinach beet and beetroot referred to crop isolation conditions of Annex I to Council Directive 70/458/EEC on the marketing of vegetable seed Official Journal L 8, 11/01/1989 p. 9 - 10

  • Commission Decision 81/675/EEC of 28 July 1981 establishing that particular sealing systems are 'non- reusable systems' within the meaning of Council Directives 66/400/EEC, 66/401/EEC, 66/402/EEC, 69/208/EEC and 70/458/EEC pdf
    Official Journal L 246, 29/08/1981 p. 26 - 27  (Finnish special edition: Chapter 3 Volume 13 p.0223)



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