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Vine propagation material

There is a common EU certification system for marketing material for the propagation of the vine - Directive 68/193/EEC.

Vine varieties must first be judged as:

  • Distinct;
  • Uniform and
  • Stable

before they can be listed in the catalogues of officially accepted varieties for marketing in the EU.

EU list of varieties of vine propagation materialexcel8book(572 KB) Choose translations of the previous link English (en)



Before it is marketed, vine propagation material must be officially examined and certified as:

  • Basic;
  • Certified or
  • Standard material .

The legislation also regulates batch separation, packaging, sealing/marking and labelling.

Certification conditions



  • Varietal identity;
  • Varietal purity;
  • Health (presence of harmful viral diseases)
  • Varietal identity;
  • Technical purity;
  • Health (presence of harmful viral diseases)
  • Grading and quality

The legislation also regulates:

  • Batch separation;
  • Packaging;
  • Sealing/marking
  • Labelling.

Who makes the decisions

The Commission adopts measures related to the Directive together with national experts in the Standing Committee on Seeds & Propagating Material for Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry & Vine.