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Fruit propagating material & fruit plants


Fruit plant propagating material and fruit plants of 23 genera and species may only be marketed if certified as:

  • Pre-basic;
  • Basic;
  • Certified;
  • Qualifying for Conformitas Agraria Comunitatis.

Directive 2008/90/EEC - Marketing of fruit propagating material and fruit plants for fruit production

To gain this certification, official inspections check if the material meets criteria for:

  • Identity;
  • Quality;
  • Plant health;

The rules also cover batch separation & marking, identification of varieties and labelling.

Suppliers' responsibility

Suppliers must ensure that their material meets the legal criteria. O nly suppliers approved by their national authorities can sell their material in the EU.

Non-EU seed and material

Seed, propagating and planting material from non-EU countries may only be marketed in the EU if they offer the same guarantees as those produced in the EU.

Who makes the decisions?

The Commission adopts measures related to the Directive together with national experts in the Standing Committee on Propagating Material and Plants of Fruit Genera and Species.