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Beet seed

EU certification

The EU certification ensures the quality of beet seed. EU countries can market only officially certified beet seed.

Certification includes field inspection, seed sampling and testing, and results in an official label. Marketing is with reference to the variety.

Seed must fulfil the criteria in Directive 2002/54/EC for:

  • Field production and seed purity;
  • Identity and plant health;
  • Special requirements on e.g. polyploidy, monogermity and segmentation for the marketing categories: pre-basic, basic and certified seed.

Who does the certification?

Only the national competent authority can carry out the certification or the business itself under that authority's official supervision.

Certification conditions



  • Previous cropping
  • Identity and purity of variety
  • Minimum distances from neighbouring pollen sources
  • Disease status
  • Analytical purity
  • Germination rate

The Commission adopts measures related to the Directive together with national experts in the Standing Committee on Seeds & Propagating Material for Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry & Vine.