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Vegetable propagating material

Basic Directive 2008/72/EEC - marketing of vegetable propagating & planting material other than seed

Implementing measures

  • Decision 2010/680/EU
    Releasing some EU countries from applying Directives on the marketing of particular seed to certain species
  • Directive 93/62/EEC
    Supervision and monitoring suppliers and establishments marketing vegetable propagating and planting material other than seed
  • Directive 93/61/EEC
    Conditions vegetable propagating and planting material other than seed must meet

Vegetable seed

Directive 2002/55/EC - marketing of vegetable seed

Implementing measures

  • Commission Implementing Decision 2012/340/EU: on the organisation of a temporary experiment as regards field inspection under official supervision
  • Commission Decision 2011/180/EU
  • Directive 2009/145/EC
    Derogations for accepting vegetable landraces and varieties traditionally grown in particular regions and threatened by genetic erosion, and vegetable varieties with no intrinsic value for commercial crop production
  • Decision 2007/321/EC
    Releasing the UK from certain obligations for marketing vegetable seed
  • Regulation EC/217/2006
    Temporarily permitting EU countries to market seed not satisfying the minimum germination requirements
  • Decision 2005/834/EC
    Equivalence of checks on the maintenance of varieties in some non-EU countries
  • Decision 2004/842/EC
    Rules for EU countries authorising the marketing of seed of varieties with a submitted application to the national catalogue of agricultural plant or vegetable species
  • Directive 2003/91/EC
    Minimum characteristics for examining certain vegetable species
  • Decision 90/639/EEC
    Names for varieties derived from varieties of vegetable species listed in Decision 89/7/EEC
  • Directive 89/14/EEC
    Groups of varieties of spinach, beet and beetroot referred to crop isolation conditions
  • Decision 81/675/EEC
    Particular sealing systems are 'non-reusable systems'