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Seed potatoes

Basic Directive 2002/56/EC - marketing of seed potatoes

Implementing measures

  • Directive 2014/20/EC
    Determining Union grades of basic and certified seed potatoes, and the conditions and designations applicable to such grades Text with EEA relevance
  • Directive 2014/21/EC
    Determining minimum conditions and Union grades for pre-basic seed potatoes Text with EEA relevance
  • Decision 2009/378/EC
    Temporary marketing of certain seed potatoes not satisfying the requirements of Directive 2002/56/EC
  • Directive 2008/62/EC
    Derogations for acceptance of agricultural landraces and varieties naturally adapted to the local and regional conditions and threatened by genetic erosion, and for marketing of their seed and seed potatoes
  • Decision 2004/842/EC
    Rules for EU countries authorising the marketing of seed of varieties with a submitted application to the national catalogue of agricultural plant or vegetable species
  • Decision 2004/297/EC
    Authorising some EU countries to postpone applying certain Directives on the marketing of seeds of some varieties
  • Decision 2004/3/EC
    Authorising stricter measures against certain diseases in Directive 2002/56/EC when marketing seed potatoes in the EU
  • Directive 2003/90/EC
    Minimum characteristics to be covered by the examination and minimum conditions for examining certain varieties of agricultural plant species
  • Directive 2002/53/EC
    Common catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species
  • Directive 93/17/EEC
    Determining EU grades of basic seed potatoes, their conditions and designations