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Oil & fibre plants seeds

Basic Directive 2002/57/EC - marketing of seed of oil and fibre plants

Implementing measures

  • 2013/404/EU
    Commission Implementing Decision of 25 July 2013 authorising Germany to prohibit on its territory the marketing of certain varieties of hemp listed in the Common Catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species, pursuant to Council Directive 2002/53/EC (notified under document C(2013) 4702)
  • Commission Implementing Decision 2012/340/EU
    on the organisation of a temporary experiment as regards field inspection under official supervision
  • 2010/680/EU
    Releasing some EU countries from applying to certain species Directives on marketing of fodder plant seed, cereal seed, material for the propagation of the vine, forest reproductive material, beet and vegetable seed and seed of oil and fibre plants
  • 2008/124/EC
    Limiting the marketing of seed of certain fodder, oil and fibre plants to seed officially certified as basic or certified
  • 2008/62/EC
    Derogations for accepting agricultural landraces and varieties naturally adapted to the local conditions and threatened by genetic erosion, and for marketing of their seed and seed potatoes
  • Regulation EC 217/2006
    Rules for authorising EU countries to temporarily allow marketing of seed not satisfying the minimum germination requirements
  • Decision 2005/834/EC
    Equivalence of checks on the maintenance of varieties in some non-EU countries
  • Decision 2005/325/EC
    Stricter measures in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta on Avena fatua in cereal seed
  • Decision 2004/842/EC
    Rules for EU countries authorising marketing of seed from varieties with a submitted application to the national catalogue
  • Directive 2003/90/EC
    Rules on minimum characteristics an examination should cover and minimum conditions for examining certain varieties of agricultural plant species
  • 2003/17/EC
    Equivalence of field inspections in non-EU countries on seed-producing crops and of seed produced there
  • Directive 2002/53/EC
    Common catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species
  • 81/675/EEC
    Establishing that particular sealing systems are 'non- reusable systems'