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Basic Directive 1999/105/EC - marketing of forest reproductive material

Implementing measures

  • Commission recommendation 2012/90/EU on guidelines for the presentation of the information for the identification of lots of forest reproductive material and the information to be provided on the supplier’s label or document
  • 2010/680/EU
    Releasing some EU countries from applying to some species Directives on the marketing of various types of seed, material for the propagation of the vine and forest reproductive material
  • 2008/989/EC
    Authorising EU countries to decide on equivalence of guarantees for forest reproductive material imported from non-EU countries
  • 2008/971/EC
    Equivalence of forest reproductive material produced in non-EU countries
  • 2006/665/EC
    Temporarily allowing Spain to market seed of Pinus radiata and planting its stock imported from New Zealand, not satisfying identification and labelling requirements
  • 2005/942/EC
    Authorising EU countries to decide on assurances for forest reproductive material produced in non-EU countries
  • 2005/853/EC
    Authorising France to ban marketing of reproductive material of Pinus pinaster Ait. of Iberian Peninsula origin to seed or plant it in some regions of France
  • 2004/678/EC
    Authorising EU countries to temporarily permit marketing seed of Cedrus libani, Pinus brutia, and planting its stock
  • Regulation EC 69/2004
    Derogations from some provisions of Directive 1999/105/EC on marketing forest reproductive material from certain basic material
  • Regulation EC 2301/2002
    Defining small quantities of seed
  • Regulation EC 1602/2002
    Authorising EU countries to ban marketing of specified forest reproductive material to the end-user
  • Regulation EC 1597/2002
    National lists of basic material of forest reproductive material
  • Regulation EC 1598/2002
    Administrative cooperation