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Requirements for wood packaging material & dunnage

EU requirements for wood packaging material are based on the 2002 FAO International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) n° 15.

Directive 2005/15/EC (amending Directive 2004/102/EC ) sets the requirements for non-EU imports into the EU of wood packaging material and dunnage.

All wood packaging material and dunnage from non-EU countries must be:

  • Either heat treated or fumigated in line with ISPM15 procedures;
  • Officially marked with the ISPM15 stamp consisting of 3 codes (country, producer and measure applied) and the IPPC logo;
  • Debarked

These requirements do not apply to:

  • Wood 6mm thick or less;
  • Wood packaging material made entirely from processed wood produced using glue, heat and pressure e.g. plywood, oriented strand board and veneer;
  • Wood packaging material used in trade within the EU.