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Deregulation of Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (Western Corn Rootworm)

On the basis of a study by the Food Chain Evaluation Consortium (FCEC) and an impact assessmentpdf by the Commission, two legal acts were adopted withdrawing the western corn rootworm from the list of regulated harmful organisms (Commission Implementing Directive 2014/19/EU) and repealing the related emergency measures (Commission Implementing Decision 2014/62/EU). In order to promote the use of sustainable methods to control this pest, the Commission has adopted a Recommendation (Commission Recommendation 2014/63/EU).


Diabrotica virgifera virgifera

Diabrotica beetle feeding on maize silks (Picture Dr. Peter Baufeld/Julius-Kühn Institute).

Final Report of the study entitled “Analysis of the economic, social and environmental impacts of options for the long-term EU strategy against Diabrotica virgifera (Western Corn Rootworm), a regulated harmful organism of maize, to support the drafting of the Commission Impact Assessment”, prepared by the Food Chain Evaluation Consortium (FCEC)

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