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Status under Reg. (EC) No 1107/2009 (repealing Directive 91/414/EEC )
Legislation Reg. (EU) 2015/2069 ,
Reg. (EU) No 540/2011
Old Legislation 2007/442
Date of approval 08/12/2015    
RMS Not Applicable Risk Assessment EFSA
Category FU, HB Review Report   Final Review Report 2018
  Extension of use 2016
  Approval 2015
Type Basic substance    
Authorisation at national level
Not applicable
EU - Maximum Residue Levels (Reg. (EC) No 396/2005) (MRLs)
Legislation Annexes
  • Sodium hydrogen carbonate
    MRLs Annex IV
Classification Reg. 1272/2008
No classification
Toxicological information
Reference values Source Remark
ADI Not applicable Reg. (EU) 2015/2069  
ARfD Not applicable Reg. (EU) 2015/2069  
AOEL Not applicable Reg. (EU) 2015/2069  
  • RMS:Rapporteur Member State
  • Co-RMS:Co-Rapporteur Member State
  • ADI:Acceptable daily intake
  • ARfD:Acute reference dose
  • AOEL:Acceptable operator exposure level