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Phytosanitary certificate or plant passport

Before they can be introduced into the Community, certain plants, plant products and other objects (listed in Part B of Annex V to Directive 2000/29/EC) must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate, issued by the National Plant Protection Organisation of the exporting country. Upon entry into the Community, the phytosanitary certificate may be replaced by a plant passport (for those imported plants, plant products and other objects which are also listed in Part A of Annex V ).

Phytosanitary certificates should be issued conforming to the models set out under the International Plant Protection Convention, certifying that the plants, plant products or other objects:

Exemptions to the above requirements are possible in the following cases, provided that there is no risk of spreading of harmful organisms:

Other exemptions to the above requirements may be granted under specific stringent conditions, and generally for a limited period of time, in accordance with Article 15 of Directive 2000/29/EC .