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Harmonisation of controls

The Commission harmonises the implementation of the zero-tolerance policy on non-authorised genetically modified material in feed with Regulation EC 619/2011 pdfin force since 15 July 2011. It addresses the legal uncertainty EU businesses face when marketing feed imported from non-EU countries.

National approaches differed to the controls of material containing, consisting of or produced from GMOs in feed with a pending or expired authorisation.

Key points

  • Covers only GM feed material;
  • Sets the technical zero level at 0.1 percent - the lowest level of GM material considered by the EU Reference Laboratory for the validation of quantitative methods;
  • Harmonises sampling and testing controls in all EU countries;
  • GM material must:
    • be authorised for commercialisation in a non-EU country;
    • have a valid or expired EFSA application (Reg. 1829/2003);
    • have an authorisation pending for more than 3 months
      • have not been identified by EFSA as susceptible to have adverse effects on health or the environment when present under 0.1 percent;
      • quantitative method of analysis published by the EU reference laboratory;
      • certified reference material must be available to EU countries and third parties;