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Evaluation of GMO cultivation

Two consultancies carried out an independent evaluation of GMO legislation in 2009 - 2011, addressing cultivation and GM food and feed.

Key findings

  • Stakeholders and competent authorities broadly support the legislation's main goals: protecting health and the environment, and creating an internal market;
  • The objectives of the legislation remain consistent with the needs of society;
  • Recent Commission actions are on the right track;
  • Some adjustments are necessary for better implementation e.g.:
  • Increased efficiency in the authorisation system;
  • More flexibility for GMO cultivation;
  • Harmonisation of the risk assessment process.

Commission action

The Commission is already addressing many of the recommendations via these actions:

  • Proposal for increased flexibility on GMO cultivation,
  • Technical information on the socio-economic implications of GMO cultivation,
  • Reviewing and transforming the risk assessment guidelines for food and feed and environmental release into legal documents approved by EU countries;
  • Reinforcement of the environmental monitoring;
  • Harmonised sampling and testing for low level presence in food,
  • Assessment of new plant breeding techniques;
  • Intensified communication on GMO issues.