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Food Safety

Plant Health / Pesticides Safety Plant Protection Products New active substances

The CORNELIA PROJECT (Co-operation on new active substance evaluation EU-EPA)

Pilot project for parallel EU/US-EPA evaluation of pesticide launched

The European Commission has recently launched a pilot project for the parallel evaluation by European and US authorities of a new herbicide. The purpose of this pilot project is to identify the similarities and differences between US and EU data requirements, data evaluation and regulatory processes using a concrete test case. Existing EU legislation on plant protection products (Directive 91/414/EEC) requires that a detailed evaluation of the chemical substances used in a new plant protection product is made before their use can be authorised. Similar rules also apply in the US. The test case is a new herbicide used in corn production, named Foramsulforon. Agreement to undertake the parallel review was reached between the Commission, the German authorities responsible for the evaluation at EU level, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the company producing the herbicide, Aventis. If the experience proves to be a success, it may clear the way for improved cooperation in sharing the heavy burden of pesticides evaluation.

Ä March 2001 :

  • EU monograph from rapporteur Germany is sent to the US EPA
  • Formasulfuron is proposed for an accelerated peer review in the EC

Ä February 2000 - (Berlin) - Meeting between European Commission, United States Environmental Protection Agency and the competent German authorities to discuss possible forms of collaboration. Parallel review was agreed.

Ä March 2000 - Application submitted to the German authorities acting as EU rapporteur Member State

Ä May 2000 - Completeness check and dossier submitted to EU Member States and European Commission

Ä June 2000 - (Lisbon) - Positive vote on completeness in the EC Standing Committee on Plant Health

Ä July 2000 - (Washington) -  EPA check for completeness finished


Plant Health / Pesticides Safety Plant Protection Products New active substances


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