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Food Safety

Scientific Committees Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health Outcome of discussions

Summary record of the Plenary Meeting of 30 November 2000 (approved on 14-15 February 2001)

1. Welcome, apologies

A Commission representative congratulated and welcomed the members to the first meeting of the new Committee.

For apologies and absences, see the attached list of presence.

2. Adoption of the agenda

The agenda was adopted

3. Introduction

A short summary about the set up of the new Scientific Committees in 1997 (Commission Dec. 97/579/EC) and the mandate of the Committee was provided, previous adopted opinion were considered as example on the type of question addressed to the Committee.

A Commission representative briefed the Members of the Committee about the development of the European Food Authority and the future activity of the Scientific Committees.

4. Background by the Commission

See 3.

5. Presentation of the Members of the Committee.

A "tour the table" was made, and each member introduced him/her self.

6. Election of the Chairman

Prof. J. Fink-Gremmels was elected unanimously.

Prof. J. Fink-Gremmels then took the chair.

7. Election of the Two Vice-chairmen

Prof. A. M. Johnston was elected, unanimously as first Vice-chairman.

Prof. D. Vuitton was elected unanimously as second Vice-chairman.

8. Declaration of Interests, Annual declaration of interests and Confidentiality

The Annual declaration of interests and confidentiality were collected and will be circulated to all members of the Committee at the next plenary meeting.

No conflict of interests with the items proposed for discussion in the agenda were declared.

9. Rules of procedure

The rules of procedures were discussed in details, questions were raised for better understanding and agreed and adopted without changes, by all present Members.

10. Work programme & Planning of future meetings

The calendar with the proposed date for the plenary meeting of 2001 was discussed, amended and agreed as follows:

14-15 FEBRUARY; 2-3 MAY; 20-21 JUNE; 19-20 SEPTEMBER; 21-22 NOVEMBER.

The pending opinions were presented and the "rapporteurs" briefed the members of the Committee about the terms of reference and on the work progress.

Two new rapporteurs were appointed for two working groups one on the review of the report of the Sc. V. C. on " Trichinella-free area (1996) and the reliability of Trichinella detection methods" and the second one on " Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemoliticus in molluscs".

The new rapporteur of the Trichinella draft report invited all the members to forward him all the remarks/comments made at the previous plenary on the document.

Members of the Committee requested to receive an overview on the work carried out by the previous Committee and the opinions adopted, and published. Accordingly to the request a summary overview has been sent to all members of the Committee.

An overview on possible coming questions was also provided.

A more active co-operation with other Committees, particularly with the SCF and SCAN is desiderable and very welcomed by the members of the Committee.

11. Feed-back by the chairman on subjects discussed in the SSC which are of interest to the Committee

None, the first meeting of SCC with the new chairmen of the Scientific Committees will be hold on 7-8 December.

12. Feed-back by members of the Committee having attended working group meetings of other Scientific Committees

A member of the committee summarised the hygiene/microbiological working group of the SCF and the previous experience and co-operation within other working group. Particularly his co-operation to a working group of hygiene on vegetable and plastic material used for packaging and the possibility of transferring substances to the food.

13. Miscellaneous

The Members of the Committee expressed their wish to receive the formal invitation three weeks in advance before the plenary.

The Members highlighted the importance of a clear terms of reference when question are addressed to the Committee in order to permit a clear answer and to avoid any delay.

Annex I: Attendance


Prof. J. Fink-Gremmels (chairman), Prof. A. Johnston (I vice-chairman), Prof. D. Vuitton (II vice-chairman) (30 November afternoon), Dr. A. J. Baars, Prof. J. Brugere-Picoux, Dr. P. Colin, Dr. P.Gerner-Smidt, Prof. R. Fries, Prof A. Macri, Dr. R. Maijala, Prof. A. Mantis, Prof. C. Martinez Bordenave-Gassedat, Dr.W. Pfau, Prof F. Smulders, Dr. I. Vagsholm, Prof. J. Van Hoof


Prof. V. Caporale, Dr H. Kruse, Dr. T. Roberts




Mrs R. Diez (SANCO/C3), Mrs M. Marini (SANCO/C3), Mr E. Thévenard (SANCO/C3), Mr P. Wagstaffe (SANCO/C3), Mr B. Verleysen (SANCO/C3), Mr S. Albilgaard (SANCO/C1)


Scientific Committees Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health Outcome of discussions