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Food Safety

Health - Scientific Committees - Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health - Outcome of discussions

Summary record of the Plenary Meeting of 23-24 February 2000 (approved at the meeting on 11-12 April 2000)

1. Welcome, apologies

The Chairman welcomed the new members of the Committee.

For apologies and absences, see the attached list of presence.

2. Declarations of interests

The annual declarations of interest were collected by the Commission.

No conflict of interests with the items proposed for discussion in the agenda were declared.

3. Adoption of the agenda

An item was added under "Miscellaneous" for the reactivation of the Working Group on "Hormones" and the distribution of the mandate to the SCVPH. The agenda was adopted as amended.

4. Adoption of the summary record of the meeting of 16-17 December 99

Minutes were adopted after minor corrections.

5. Discussion and possible adoption of a scientific opinion concerning:

5.1. The assessment of risks related to zoonotic diseases causing major concern to public health and on possibilities to decrease their incidence in humans

The document prepared by the Working Group was discussed and commented by the Committee members. In particular, the Committee insisted on feed, animal health and water supply aspects to be addressed for zoonoses prevention, invited the group to consider also milk and fish products in its "farm to fork" chapter, highlighted the need for a clear terminology within the draft report. Attention should also be paid to the home hygiene and the problems of cross-contamination at that level.

A draft report is expected for adoption at the next plenary meeting. Therefore the SCVPH members should submit their comments before 17 March.

5.2. The revision of ante-and post-mortem inspection procedures for an alternative inspection system for the slaughter of pigs

The draft report was discussed and the Committee concentrated on the conclusions and the recommendations. After agreement, the Committee adopted unanimously the report. Some members absent the second day of the meeting were requested to confirm their agreement after the meeting.

5.3. The prevalence and methods of control of cysticercosis

The report was not available.

6. Progress report of the:

6.1. Working Group on the review of the report of the Sc.V.C. on "Trichinella free areas" (report of 1996) and reliability of Trichinella detection methods

The group continues its work and will meet in March.

6.2. Working Group on the cleaning and disinfection of knives in the meat industry

The Committee agreed to the addition of an external expert (Lupo Ellerbroek). The rapporteur summarised the outcome of the first meeting of the group. A first draft might be available for the next plenary meeting.

6.3. Working Group on ovine gas de-pelting

The group will meet in March.

6.4. Working Group on Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in molluscs

The group will meet in March.

7. Feed-back by the chairman on subjects discussed in the SSC which are of interest to the Committee

The Chairman presented the current activities of the Scientific Steering Committee.

8. Feedback by members of the Committee participating in the SSC working group on the harmonisation of risk assessment procedures


9. Feed-back by members of the Committee having attended working group meetings of other Scientific Committees


10. Miscellaneous

The Commission distributed the mandate to the SCVPH, which invites the Committee to consider the reports issued on the subject since its opinion on potential risks to human health from hormone residues in bovine meat and meat products of 30 April 1999. The Committee agreed to the mandate and to reactivate the Working Group. The Working Group is expected to complete its work for the next plenary meeting. The terms of reference are expressed hereafter:

Terms of reference for the SCVPH

Subject: Review of the SCVPH opinion on potential risks to human health from hormone residues in bovine meat and meat products of 30 April 1999

To advise the Commission whether any recent scientific information and, in particular, the following reports provide any new information or interpretations which would lead the SCVPH to revise its opinion on potential risks to human health from hormone residues in bovine meat and meat products of 30 April 1999.

- The December 99 CVMP opinions and summary reports on 17 b oestradiol and progesterone for zootechnological and therapeutic purposes.

- The October 99 report of the UK's VPC sub-group on the SCVPH opinion of 30/04/99

The Committee is asked to either confirm that there is no recent scientific information that would lead it to revise its previous opinion or, to revise the relevant parts of the opinion as necessary.

The Committee is asked to give its advice as soon as is reasonably possible, preferably at its plenary meeting foreseen for the 11/12 April 2000.




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