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Food Safety

Health - Scientific Committees - Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health - Outcome of discussions

Summary record of the SCVPH Plenary Meeting of 16-17 December 1999 (approved at the meeting on 23-24 February 2000)

1. Welcome, apologies and declarations of interests

Four external experts likely to become members of the Committee were welcomed by the Chairman. They were authorised to participate to the discussions but not to take part to possible adoptions of opinions.

No conflict of interests with the items proposed for discussion in the agenda were declared.

2. Adoption of the agenda


3. Approval of the summary record of the meeting of 23-24 September 99

Minutes were adopted after minor corrections.

4. Discussion and possible adoption of a scientific opinion concerning :

4.1. The prevalence and methods of control of cysticercosis

The document prepared by the Working Group was thoroughly discussed. The Committee requested that the document be reorganised following a risk assessment structure. In addition, the two parasites species should be addressed separately in the draft report, before discussing the control and surveillance methods. A revised draft will be prepared and circulated.

4.2. The revision of ante- and post-mortem inspection procedures for an alternative inspection system for the slaughter of pigs

The document prepared by the Working Group was considered by the Committee and agreed on the body of the text. Following the Committee's comments, a revised text will be circulated early after the meeting by the rapporteur. Written comments by the Committee members should be submitted as soon as possible so that a consolidated version including the different parts of the report and considering the comments submitted be circulated at the beginning of 2000.

5. Progress report of:

5.1. Working Group on the assessment of risks related to zoonotic diseases causing major concern to public health and on possibilities to decrease their incidence in humans

The group continues its work. A draft report should be available for the next plenary meeting.

5.2. Working Group on the review of the report of the Sc.V.C. on "Trichinella free areas" (report of 1996) and reliability of Trichinella detection methods

A first meeting of the group is scheduled for January 2000. The Committee agreed to the addition of one other member to the working group.

6. Review on the comments received on the opinion concerning the cooling of carcasses

The comments submitted to the Committee have been reviewed. They do not provide any new information. Therefore nothing has to be changed in the opinion issued by the Committee.

7. Information to the Committee and possible discussion on the comments received on the opinion concerning the assessment of the potential risks to human health from hormone residues in bovine meat and meat products

The Commission informed the Committee of the situation, in particular with regard to the 17 scientific studies currently carried out. In addition, comments on the SCVPH opinion received by the Commission were distributed to the Committee for consideration. However, it was stressed that there was no certainty that the question would come back to the Committee for an update of its report

8. Information to the Committee and Creation/Modification of Working Groups on new questions:

8.1. Cleaning and Disinfection of Knives in the Meat Industry

A proposed member to the group declared not to be able to join the group. For current professional overload reasons, was not able to actively participate.

8.2. Ovine Gas De-pelting

A group was set up.

8.3. Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in molluscs

A group was set up.

9. Planning of plenary sessions for the year 2000

The dates of the plenary meetings were fixed for the year 2000 on 23-24 February, 11-12 April, 28-29 June, 27-28 September and 29-30 November.

10. Feedback by members of the Committee participating in the SSC working group on the harmonisation of risk assessment procedures

None in the absence of any meeting.

11. Feed-back by the chairman on subjects discussed in the SSC which are of interest to the Committee

It is agreed to distribute to the Members the agenda and the minutes of the plenary meetings of the SSC.

12. Feed-back by members of the Committee having attended working group meetings of other Scientific Committees


13. Miscellaneous

The Secretariat is requested to circulate the draft reports for possible adoption at least 15 days before the plenary meeting, provided that theses documents are finalised.




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