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Food Safety

Health - Scientific Committees - Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health - Outcome of discussions

Summary report of the meeting held on 15-16 March 1999 in Brussels (approved at the meeting on 29-30 April 1999)

List of Participants


Prof. A. Osterhaus (chairperson), Prof. R. Gilbert (vice-chairperson), Prof. D. Vuitton (vice-chairperson), Prof. V. Caporale, Prof. J. Fink-Gremmels, Prof. O. Kaaden, Prof. A. Macri, Prof. E. Nurmi, Prof. E. Quinto Fernandez, Dr. I. Vagsholm, Prof. F. Van Knapen, Prof. P. Willeberg, Dr. P. Colin (additional expert)


Prof. A. Johnston, Prof. A. Mantis, Dr. J. Schlundt




Mr. R. Vanhoorde (DG XXIV), Mr. B. Verleysen (DG XXIV), Mr. O. Rohte (DG III), Mr. H. Winter (DG VI), Mr. J. Serratosa (DG VI), Mr. M. Avetta (XXIV), Mrs. A. Fabré (DG XII)

1. Introduction of a new member - declarations of interests

Dr. P. Colin was presented to the Committee as a future new member of the Committee. As the formal nomination procedure is still ongoing Dr. Colin will for the time being attend the meeting as an additional expert.

No declarations of interest were made.

2. Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted.

3. Adoption of the minutes of the meeting of 05 February 1998

The minutes were adopted.

4. Provisional schedule of plenary sessions for the second part of 1999

The following dates for plenary sessions were decided for the second half of 1999 and members were asked to reserve them in their diary:

26 July1999,

24 September 1999,

08 November 1999,

17 December 1999.

5. Discussion and possible adoption of a scientific opinion concerning cooling of carcasses during transport

The Committee had a final exchange of views on the revised draft report, which was circulated to the members before the meeting. The report, as amended during the discussion, was adopted unanimously. A member of the Committee was mandated to finalise the list of references.

6. Discussion and possible adoption of a draft report concerning the use Bovine Somatotrophin

The Committee was provided with copy of the report on "Animal Welfare Aspects of the Use of Bovine Somatotrophin" which had been adopted by the Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare on 10 March.

The scientific reasoning as well as the summary and conclusions of the draft report on the public health aspects of the use of rBST were discussed in detail. The report, as amended during the meeting, was adopted unanimously.

7. Establishment of a working group on the detection of Trichinella Spiralis in horse meat

A mission report of the FVO on the issue of Trichinella Spiralis in horse meat was presented to the Committee as background information. The Secretariat informed the Committee that the issue as well as the mandate are still under discussion in the Commission Services. Some members expressed their doubts on the need for a new scientific opinion on this issue and on the appropriateness of the basis for consulting the Committee.

It was agreed to postpone the question

8. Discussion on a draft report on the question concerning the revision of ante- and post- mortem inspection procedures for an alternative inspection system for the slaughter of pigs

It is expected to present the final draft report for discussion and possible adoption at the plenary in June.

9. Progress report on the request for a scientific opinion on the evaluation of microbiological criteria and temperatures for storage and transport of products of animal origin intended for human consumption:
- partim microbiological criteria

The rapporteur informed the Committee that an additional final Working Group meeting is scheduled for 23 March. It is foreseen to have the draft report finalised by April.

10. Progress report on the working group carrying out a complementary risk assessment on the use of hormones as growth promoters

The rapporteur explained that the first working group meeting had been concentrating on an exchange of views on the mandate and on deciding on a task distribution and timetable. At the second meeting in March, the working group discussed the contributions from individual members and had an exchange of views with a number of experts carrying out relevant research projects.

The following working group meeting is scheduled for 6-9 April with a view to have a final draft report available for the plenary of 29-30 April.

11. Establishment of a joint Working Group with the Scientific Committee for Food (SCF) on microbiological standards for listeria.

The first working group meeting is scheduled for 22 March.

12. Progress report on the request for a scientific opinion concerning the prevalence and methods of control of cysticercosis

The rapporteur asked the Secretariat to cancel the working group meeting which was provisionally scheduled for 30 March. The need for an other working group meeting will be considered in the light of the comments on the draft report.

13. Progress report on the state of progress on the multidisciplinary Working Group on antimicrobial resistance

Feedback was given on the stage of progress. Contrary to the initial planning an additional working group meeting had to be scheduled. The latter will take place on 13 April in order to submit the final draft report to SSC plenary of 22-23 April.

14. Feed-back by the chairman on subjects discussed in the SSC which are of interest to the Committee;

Reference was made to the discussion in the SSC on the procedure for adoption of the opinions on BST and on the role of the SSC in this question.

15. Feed-back by members of the Committee having attended working group meetings of other Scientific Committees.

The member participating in the Working Group Johne's / Crohn's disease explained that an additional working group meeting is required to finalise the draft report.

16. Miscellaneous.

Next meetings are scheduled for:

29 and 30 April 1999,

11 June 1999,

26 July1999,

24 September 1999,

08 November 1999,

17 December 1999.

The secretariat announced that in the light of the review of Council Directive 92/117/EEC a series of questions relating to zoonoses are being prepared.