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Food Safety

Health - Scientific Committees - Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health - Outcome of discussions

Summary report of the meeting held on 05 February 1999 in Brussels (approved at the meeting on 15-16 March 1999)

List of Participants


Prof. R. Gilbert (chairperson), Prof. D. Vuitton (second vice-chairperson), Prof. V. Caporale, Prof. J. Fink-Gremmels, Prof. A. Johnston, Prof. O. Kaaden, Prof. A. Mantis, Prof. E. Quinto Fernandez, Dr. J. Schlundt, Dr. I. Vagsholm, Prof. F. Van Knapen, Prof. P. Willeberg


Prof. A. Macri, Prof. E. Nurmi, Prof. A. Osterhaus




Mr. R. Vanhoorde (DG XXIV)

Mr. B. Verleysen (DG XXIV)

Mr. V-M Niemi (DG VI)

Mr. T. Chalus (DG VI)

Mr. J. Serratosa (DG VI)

Mrs. A. Fabré (DG XII)

1. Declarations of interest

No new declarations of interest were made.

2. Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted.

3. Adoption of the minutes of the meeting of 21 December1998

The minutes were adopted subject to two minor changes.

4. Discussion and possible adoption of a scientific opinion concerning cooling of carcasses during transport

A revised draft report was discussed. A number of suggestions for technical clarifications and/or editorial improvements were made.

In principle the Committee agreed with the draft report as it was amended during the meeting. However, in order to avoid any misunderstanding, the secretariat was asked to incorporate the amendments in a final draft which will be circulated to the members with a view to its formal adoption at the next plenary.

5. Establishment of a Working Group for a complementary risk assessment on the use of hormones

The Committee was informed about state of progress in the setting up of the Working Group and on the provisional planning of Working Group meetings. All members of the Committee agreed with the composition of the Working Group as well as with its overall balance.

The Secretariat stressed the need for an opinion by April at the latest and therefore proposed to transform the plenary of April into a two-days meeting. The Committee agreed with this proposal.

6. Discussion on a draft report concerning the use Bovine Somatotrophin

The Secretariat informed the Committee about a purely procedural change concerning the adoption of the final report. This initiative was taken in the light of the discussions at the last plenary and after consultation with the Chairpersons of the Committee and of the Working Group. The Scientific Steering Committee endorsed the proposal to re-attribute the responsibility for the adoption of the part of the report dealing with animal welfare to the Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal welfare. It was agreed that the Committee will continue to be provided with the most recent update on the animal welfare and the animal health aspects.

The Committee discussed the general concept of the report and had an exchange of views on the role of IGF-1. It also referred to the scientific reasoning developed by Canadian expert groups.

The rapporteur was asked to reconsider the cross references to the part of the report that is addressing animal welfare and animal health aspects and its possible direct and indirect impact on consumer health. It was also suggested to develop the part on the latter aspect a little bit more without however interfering with ongoing work in the scientific committees.

It is scheduled to finalise the discussion and to have the report adopted at the plenary of 15-16 March.

7. Discussion on a draft report on the question concerning the revision of ante- and post- mortem inspection procedures for an alternative inspection system for the slaughter of pigs

A Working Group meeting took place on 22 January and it is foreseen to have the final draft report available by May.

8. Progress report on the request for a scientific opinion on the evaluation of microbiological criteria and temperatures for storage and transport of products of animal origin intended for human consumption:
- partim microbiological criteria;

The rapporteur informed the Committee about the progress made at the Working Group meeting of 4 February. Contrary to earlier planning, an additional Working Group meeting will be necessary (scheduled for 23 March). It is foreseen to have the draft report finalised by April.

9. Establishment of a joint Working Group with the Scientific Committee for Food (SCF) on microbiological standards for listeria.

The Secretariat informed the Committee about the additional experts that are proposed by the Scientific Committee for Food (SCF) to participate in the Working Group.

10. Progress report on the request for a scientific opinion concerning the prevalence and methods of control of cysticercosis

The rapporteur gave a feedback on the progress made at the Working Group meeting of 29 January. If necessary, a last Working Group meeting will be convened on 30 March. It is expected to have the final draft report ready by April.

11. Progress report on the state of progress on the multidisciplinary Working Group on antimicrobial resistance

Feedback was given on the ongoing work. The Secretariat informed the Committee about the comments made by the Scientific Steering Committee at the occasion of the first discussion of the draft orientation document.

Some members would have preferred a more active involvement in the discussion on this question. It was explained that the multidisciplinary Working Group was set op by the SSC with expertise from all ad hoc scientific committees having a direct interest in the subject. Consequently the final draft report will be submitted for discussion and adoption to the SSC and not to the ad hoc scientific committees. Furthermore it was clarified that draft report is still subject of substantial scientific debate in the Working Group. A more in depth feedback could be considered once the draft report has reached a more progressed stage.

The Secretariat agreed to provide the Committee with a copy of the final report following its adoption in order to inform the members before it is available on the internet.

12. Feed-back by the chairman on subjects discussed in the SSC which are of interest to the Committee;

A copy of the agenda of the SSC meeting on 21-22 January was distributed for information. Reference was made to the webpage of DG XXIV where the outcome of discussions of the SSC can be found.

13. Feed-back by members of the Committee having attended working group meetings of other Scientific Committees.

No members attended a Working Group meeting of other Scientific Committees.

14. Miscellaneous.

Next meetings are scheduled for:

15 and 16 March 1999,

29 and 30 April 1999,

11 June 1999.

The planning of meetings for the rest of the year will be discussed at the next plenary.