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   Summary report of the meeting held on 17 November 1997 in Brussels


Food Safety

Health - Scientific Committees - Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health - Outcome of discussions

Summary report of the meeting held on 17 November 1997 in Brussels

List of Participants


Prof. V. Caporale, Prof. J. Fink-Gremmels, Dr. R. Gilbert, Prof. J-L. Jouve, Prof. O. Kaaden, Prof. A. Macri, Prof. A. Mantis, Prof. E. Nurmi, Prof. A. Osterhaus, Prof. E. Quinto Fernandez, Dr. J. Schlundt, Dr. I. Vagsholm, Prof. F. Van Knapen, Dr. D. Vuitton, Prof. P. Willeberg


Dr. A. Johnston


Mr. B. Carsin, Mr. J. Kreysa, Mr. R. Vanhoorde, Mr. A. Sanabria, Mr. B. Verleysen, Mr. A. Van Vossel, DG XII

1. Adoption of the agenda.

The agenda was adopted.

2. Introduction from the Commission

A Commission representative congratulated and welcomed the members to the first meeting of the Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures relating to Public Health. It was explained that the main objective of the meeting was to elect the office holders in order to allow the Committee to commence its work. He described the background to the establishment of the new scientific committees. In particular he emphasized the heavy workload for the members and also the need for as good an attendance at meetings as possible.

The Commission also expanded on the possible rules of procedure for the Committee. These would, as far as possible, be harmonised between the various committees. A draft would be prepared by the Commission in the next few days and would be circulated to all members. This would allow a detailed discussion on this topic at the next meeting of the Committee.

The Commission also explained current and possible future arrangements as regards payment of expenses and allowances to the members of the Committee. Members requested that they be supplied with an explanatory document as soon as one was available.

3. Presentation of the Members of the Committee.

4. Election of Office Holders


Prof. Osterhaus was elected as Chairman.

Prof. Osterhaus then took the Chair.

Vice Chairmen

Dr Gilbert was elected as first Vice Chairman.

Prof. Jouve was elected as second Vice Chairman.

5. Discussion and adoption of Internal Rules of Procedure.

Reference was made to the information received from the Commission on this item earlier in the meeting. It was noted that there was a considerable amount of work to be done by the Committee in the future. The rules of procedure will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting of the Committee.

6. Work programme

It is foreseen to have 8 to 10 plenary sessions a year and on average one working group per week.

A calendar for the plenary sessions in 1998 will be drafted at the next meeting (taking into account the dates of the meetings of the Scientific Steering Committee which meets for the first time on 21.11.97). In general terms the members opt for plenary meetings on Mondays (avoiding the second Monday of a month). It was agreed that meetings would start at 10.00 am with 1 hour lunchbreak at around 12.30 and end at 5.15 pm (thus allowing a maximum number of members to travel the same day).

Next meeting of the Scientific Committee on Veterinary measures relating to Public Health : 22 December 1997 (to be confirmed by the Commission).

7. Review and follow up of questions put to the Committee

The Committee was informed about the outstanding questions. The secretariat gave some additional background information on the most important questions.

The members were asked to reflect on the most appropriate external experts to participate in various ad hoc working groups.

There was a first exchange of views on the request for a scientific review concerning the use of antimicrobial treatments of poultry carcasses, in particular trisodium monophosphates (TSP) and organic acids (item 7a of the agenda). Prof. Jouve was requested to draft a discussion paper on this matter for the next meeting ; he invited the other members of the Committee to communicate to him all possible useful information.

8. Miscellaneous




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