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Food Safety

Scientific Committees Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare Outcome of discussions

Summary record of the meeting of the Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare held on 19 January 2001 in Brussels, adopted 25 April 2001

List of Participants


Dr. R. Ahl, Dr. D. Alexander, Prof. D. Broom, Dr. R. Dantzer, Dr. M. Gunn, Dr. P. Have, Prof. P. Jensen, Dr. P. Le Neindre, Prof. Dr. V. Moennig, Dr. D. B. Morton, Prof. J. Noordhuizen, Prof. G. Panina, Prof. A-L. Parodi, Dr. M. Sharp, Prof. Dr. J. van Oirschot, Dr. E. Vanopdenbosch, Prof. M.Verga, Dr. M. Wierup


Mr. J. Moynagh, Mr P. Wagstaffe, Mr S. Abildgaard


Dr H. Blokhuis

1. Welcome and apologies

The commission welcomed all members of the Committee to the first meeting under the new mandate. Apologies and attendance are listed on page 2.

2. Adoption of the agenda

The agenda was adopted as proposed.

3. Introduction by the Commission Services

A short summary on the establishment of the new Scientific Committees in 1997 (Commission Dec. 97/579/EC) and the mandate of the Committee was provided.

A Commission representative briefed the Members of the Committee about the development of the European Food Authority and the future activity of the Scientific Committees. In a general discussion the relevance of animal health and animal welfare to public health and the role of the food authority was confirmed. However, it was also noted that certain issues concern the committee, for example the current question on the welfare of animals used for fur production or issues concerning laboratory animals, and would not directly impact on public health.

4. Election of the chairman and other officers of the Committee

The committee elected the following officers

Chairman Dr Pierre Le Neindre

First Vice Chair Dr Reinhard Ahl

Second Vice Chair Prof. Per Jensen

The Committee has two statutory sub committees. Dr Ahl was elected chair of the sub committee on Animal Health and Prof. Jensen was elected chair of the sub committee on Animal Health.

Prof Broom and Prof Verga were respectively elected first and second vice chairs of the Animal Health sub-committee.

Prof van Oirschot and Prof Moennig were respectively elected first and second vice chairs of the Animal Health sub-committee.

5. Declarations of interest, annual declarations of interest and confidentiality

Members were requested to complete the annual declarations of interest and confidentiality. No member reported any conflict of interest relating to matters under discussion at todays meeting.

6. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting of the Committee

The record of the meeting was adopted with some minor amendments.

7. Review and possible amendment of the internal rules of procedure

A brief discussion took place on the rules of procedure of the committee. Members were asked to consider if there were any points that they wished to review and to bring these to the attention of the Chairman and secretariat before the next meeting, when a discussion could take place.

8. Work programme and planning of future meetings

A draft schedule for future meetings of the Committee and of the two sub-committees was circulated.

9. Review and follow-up of outstanding questions of the committee

Six questions were currently before the committee and were summarised as follows;

Fish waste

This group is examining the possible transmission of disease agents through fish feed and the treatments or other methods required to deal with the risks. Some species of fish (eg turbot) which have recently begun to be farmed require untreated feed, especially early in life. Working group is established and has met once. Chair Dr. Gunn.

Diagnostic tests for Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP)

The working group has been established and will meet shortly, chaired by Prof. Noordhuizen

Brucella melitensis

This is an important zoonosis which is found in Mediterranean countries. A working group has met on several occasions and document reviewed at previous sub-committee meeting. Considerable editing is needed but nearing finalisation. Dr Ahl undertook to finalise.

Welfare of animals kept for fur production

Working group established and met on several occasions, most recently on 1 February. Chair Dr Dantzer. Large and complex report which is nearing finalisation.

Welfare of animals kept for beef production

Working group established and met on several occasions. Next meeting 2 February. Chair Dr Le Neindre. Also nearing finalisation.

Welfare aspects of animal transport

Question discussed in general terms at the last sub-committee meeting. This will be a major review which is planned to complete by the end of the year.

In addition two new questions were put to the Committee. These were;

Review of policy on Psittacosis

Community legislation requires tests for psittacosis on parrots on importation into the EU and for measures if positives are detected. There are no legislative provisions relating to this condition in any other circumstances. The committee is asked to review this condition and especially the zoonotic aspects to assist in future policy making.

Bovine Wasting disease

The Committee is asked to review epidemiological information concerning the existence of this condition as a possible emerging condition.

10. Miscellaneous.

Dr Le Neindre who had represented the committee at the previous meeting of the Scientific Steering Committee is his then capacity of vice Chairman of the Committee noted that there were a number of issues under examination in the Steering Committee which required the assistance of members of the Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare. These were as follows;

TSE Ad-hoc Committee

The Committee suggested Dr Vanopdenbosch to participate in the TSE ad-hoc committee. The committee also suggested that other members (Prof. Parodi, Dr Gunn, Prof. Wierup) would also be useful in this area.

Emerging issues

The Committee is extremely interested in this issue as most emerging viruses are zoonotic conditions. It was decided to await the exact question and the decision of the SSC about handing this question before nominating experts.

Antimicrobial resistance

The Committee drew attention to a very recent review by Prof. Radostits (World Buiatrics Congress) covering this area.

Harmonisation of Risk Assessment Procedures

Dr Ahl and Dr Le Neindre will continue with this task.


Scientific Committees Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare Outcome of discussions


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