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Health - Scientific Committees - Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare - Outcome of discussions

Summary record of the meeting of the Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare held on 11 October 1999 in Brussels adopted 8 December 1999

List of Participants


Dr. R. Ahl, Dr. D. Alexander, Prof. D. Broom, Dr. F. Garrido-Abellan (Chairman), Dr. M. Gunn, Prof. Dr. J. Hartung, Prof. P. Jensen, Dr. P. Le Neindre, Prof. Dr. V. Moennig, Prof. G. Panina, Prof. A-L. Parodi, Prof. M.Verga


Dr. J. Moynagh, Dr. G. Morosetti


Prof. S. Alexandersen, Prof. J. Badiola Diez, Dr. R. Dantzer, Dr. D. Morton, Prof. Dr. J. van Oirschot, Dr. E. Vanopdenbosch


Plenary, 11 October 1999

1. Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted as proposed

2. Adoption of the record of the meeting of 23 June 1999

The minutes of the meeting were adopted with some minor amendments.

3. Declarations of interest

No member reported any conflicts of interest relating to the items under discussion.

4. Report from the Sub-Committee on Animal Welfare (Dr. Le Neindre)

Prof. Le Neindre reported on the activities of the Sub-committee on Animal Welfare.

Progress was made on two questions.

1.Working group on the welfare of broilers

This group met on 30 May. Much of the data collection is now complete and a working document is prepared.

2.Ventilation standards for animal transport vehicles

This question has now been expanded to cover the general environmental conditions required by various types and species of animals during transport over long distances. This report will be the main item for discussion at the next Sub committee meeting.

5. Report from the Sub-Committee on Animal Health (Dr. Ahl)

Dr. Ahl reported on the activities of the Sub-committee on Animal Health.

Classical Swine Fever in Wild Boar

The opinion was adopted by the Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare by means of the written procedure on 10 August 1999 and is now available on Internet.

Inactivation of viruses in blood

A working document was further discussed at the meeting of the Sub-committee on 22 September 1999.

Diagnosis of Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever Virus Infections in Ratites .

Dr. Alexander presented a preliminary draft of the opinion at the Sub-committee meeting on 22 September. The Sub-committee approved the draft subject to a number of minor additions. It is now ready for discussion and possible adoption by the Scientific Committee

Revision of the annexes to Council Directive 64/432/EEC.

In the period, the draft document has been circulated a number of times among the members of the Working Group. Some critical aspects (like the pooling of samples) had to be reviewed.

At its meeting on 22 September the Sub-committee approved the document, after examination, discussion and a number of amendments. It is now ready for discussion and possible adoption by the Scientific Committee

Eradication of Bacterial Kidney Disease

A final working document has now been prepared. At the last Sub-committee meeting the members examined and agreed on the general structure and the contents of the draft. It should be finalised and discussed at the next Sub-committee plenary in November. This report should be ready for presentation at the next Plenary meeting of the Committee.

Possible Links between Crohn's disease in man and paratuberculosis in animals

A drafting group met on 28 September and reviewed the preliminary draft in detail. Several chapters are being updated and rewritten. A further meeting of the working group will be held shortly with a view to having a document ready for the next meeting of the Committee.

6. Discussion and possible adoption by the Committee of a report on the revision of the annexes of Council Directive 64/432/EEC (Rapporteur: Dr. Gunn)

Dr. Gunn presented the background of the mandate concerning the report. The contents of the annexes of the Directive 64/432 needed to be updated and revised in the light of scientific progress and the evolution of new diagnostic methods and new OIE test standards concerning Tuberculosis, Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis. It was especially important, for the future, to have a flexible legal text that could easily be modified according to new developments in this field.

The Committee expressed its satisfaction for the quality of the document. A detailed discussion of the draft report followed, which was adopted unanimously with some agreed amendments.

7. Discussion and possible adoption by the Committee of a report on diagnostic tests for Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (Rapporteur: Dr. Alexander)

The Committee discussed this report dealing with testing methods for a possible emerging public health problem in countries where ratites originate. It was adopted unanimously with minor modifications.

8. Discussion and possible adoption by the Committee of a report on Standards for Forced Ventilation for Animal Transport Road Vehicles (Rapporteur: Prof. Hartung)
Discussion on this text was postponed as the document was in a final stage of elaboration and not yet ready for adoption.

9. Miscellaneous

New question on Bluetongue

The Commission requested further advice from the Committee on proposals to determine the infective period for this disease and thereby determine a safe quarantine period which would not involve the use of diagnostic tests. The members stressed the importance of not underestimating the possibility of spread of the disease and of taking precautions to minimise any risk.

The Committee agreed that Prof. Alexandersen, having the necessary expertise and having already been rapporteur for the earlier opinions on Bluetongue, should deal with this question.

Participation of members of the Committee to the meetings of the SSC ad hoc group on Risk assessment .

The Committee discussed the participation of members at the SSC working group on methods of risk assessment. The members nominated to attend described their experiences in this working group. It was noted that practical difficulties had arisen with the organisation of these meetings (overlapping of the time schedule with meetings of the SCAHAW and other meetings, duration of the meetings etc.). The secretariat undertook to contact the secretariat of the SSC to find an adequate solution.

Activities of the Committee

The chairman introduced the discussion of the drafts on the agenda expressing his satisfaction about the two years work of the SCAHAW. Almost all the initial questions addressed to the Committee had been completed or are in the progress of being finalised, including those coming from the Scientific Steering Committee (Crohn's disease, BST).

The meeting closed at 16.45