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Food Safety

- Regulatory Committees - Standing Veterinary Committee

Short report of the meeting (2001/01) held in Brussels on 16 January 2001

President: Mrs. Paola Testori Coggi (A.M.), Mr. Eric Poudelet (P.M.)

All the Member States were represented.

1. Information by Member States on measures implemented by 1/1/2001 concerning BSE

All the Member States summarised their replies given to a questionnaire, issued by the Commission, concerning the situation as regards implementation of BSE decisions. The Commission distributed a document containing all the Member States' written replies. Iceland and Norway also reported on the measures taken.

The questionnaire covered the following issues:

1. Implementation of Decision 2000/418/EC and measures at slaughter

  1. Specified risk materials (SRMs)
  2. Mechanically recovered meat (MRM)
  3. Slaughtering techniques
  4. 2. Testing

  5. Testing of bovine animals at risk
  6. Testing of healthy bovine animals at slaughter
  7. Surveillance of bovine animals "purchased for destruction"
  8. 3. Processed animal protein in animal feed

  9. Prohibition to use animal protein in feed for certain animals
  10. Recall of products already on the market
  11. Storage and disposal of processed animal protein and recalled feed
  12. Control measures on certain animal proteins

4. Controls on tallow

5. Research

The Commission requested the Member States to provide monthly data on testing and distributed a proposed arrangement to improve the information flow on BSE testing and BSE cases in the Community.

2. Miscellaneous

1. NL asked about the state of play concerning a question put to the Commission as regards trade of EC cattle produced before 01/10/2000 (Decision on SRM) and from which SRM was not removed. The Commission said that an answer was being prepared. In any case, these products should be withdrawn from the market.

2. The Commission responded to a number of specific problems in relation to processed animal proteins in animal feed, pet food, gelatine, importation of fishmeal and artificial casings.

3. The Commission announced that it was summarising the reactions of third countries in relation to the recent events as regards BSE. In this respect, the Commission requested the Member States to provide information on third country measures considered unjustifiable or causing important impact on trade.


- Regulatory Committees - Standing Veterinary Committee



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