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Food Safety

Regulatory Committees Standing Committee for Animal Nutrition

Short report of the meeting held on 29-30 January 2001

CHAIRMAN: W. Penning

Introductory points

- The chairman asked the delegations to react on the distributed draft Commission Regulation establishing a list of materials whose circulation or use for animal nutrition purposes is restricted or prohibited, which had already been discussed before. The text should be considered as a working document. All written comments are to be sent to the Commission by e-mail by 15 February 2001 at the latest.

- A debate took place on the phasing out of antibiotics as growth promoters, and on potential frauds recently detected.

- The question of use of colourings for baits in sporting fishing and eel culture was also raised and debated.

- Most of the delegations expressed concerns about the possible decrease in frequency of the Committee's meetings, due to Commission budgetary constraints. They are of the opinion that the important volume of issues to be dealt with and the optimum exercise of the Committee's role require at least monthly meetings.

1. Draft Commission Regulation authorising new additives and uses of additives in feedingstuffs: examination and possible adoption.

The draft Commission Regulation was presented and discussed. Minor editorial corrections were proposed and agreed.

A vote took place.

The Committee expressed a favourable opinion by qualified majority. Two Member States voted against the proposal, on the ground they opposed the presence of a coccidiostat in the annex to the Regulation .

2. Exchange of views on a number of cases of bovine copper toxicity.

The UK informed that the problem of copper toxicity was under investigation. In principle no more cases occurred since they reported 14 outbreaks between January and December 2000.

A representative of the Commission asked to the other delegations whether they have reported outbreaks of copper intoxication. None of them were aware of similar cases on their countries.

3. Exchange of views on the use of "AGRIMIN" boluses containing trace elements. Letter from Greece on 21 December 2001.

A majority of delegations agreed that the use of boluses containing trace elements was not permitted under current legislation, Directive 70/524/EEC.

A representative of the Commission indicated to the Member States the necessity to control that boluses are not marketed unless they will be authorised under Directive 70/524/EEC.

Some delegations recognised the necessity to better adapt Community legislation on feedingstuffs to livestock practices.

4. Final draft on "The guidelines for the assessment of additives in animal nutrition". Final discussion and conclusion.

The representative of the Commission presented the final draft on "The Guidelines for the assessment of additives in animal nutrition". The proposed changes, based on Member States comments, were accepted. As there were no further remarks, the Committee agreed on the document.

5. Products falling under the scope of article 9g, paragraph 4 of Council Directive 70/524/EEC: position of the Member States on compliance of the following dossiers with Directive 87/153/EEC:

The representative of the Commission asked the members of the Standing Committee to formally expressed their opinion on the acceptability of the fifteen dossiers which fell under the scope of article 9g of directive 70/524/EEC and were submitted to the Commission and to the Member States according to article 4 of the directive.

The results of the consultation were as follows: nine dossiers were compiled in accordance with Directive 87/153//EEC, and six dossiers did not follow the rules on presentation of dossiers.

The Member States were informed that the services of the Commission shall notify the applicant companies of the deficiencies of the dossiers on which the conclusions of the Standing Committee were based. The concerned companies will be given the opportunity to answer the Commission letter. Appropriate measures will be then be taken regarding these compounds.

6. Exchange of views on the scientific basis for the safety assessment of novel feeds for animals (Task Force for the Safety of the Novel Foods and Feeds-OCDE-OECD). .

Germany letter containing comment was distributed during the meeting.

There was a short discussion. A representative of the Commission invited the delegations to send written comments before 9-02-01. Afterwards, the Commission will prepare a document will be send to the MS for additional comments before sending the final paper.

7. Council Decision 2000/766/EC concerning certain protection measures with regard to transmissible spongiform encephalopathies and the feeding of animal protein, as amended by Commission Decision 2001/9/EC of 29 December 2000: exchange on views on implementation measures.

A representative of the Commission presented and commented both Decisions, highlighting the political, legal and scientific context in which they were adopted.

A debate on implementation measures took place between the members of the Committee and the representative of the Commission answered questions raised by the delegations.

8. Other business

No other particular business was discussed.


Regulatory Committees Standing Committee for Animal Nutrition



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