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Food Safety

Regulatory Committees Standing Committee for Animal Nutrition

Short report of the meeting held on 20-21 November 2000

CHAIRMAN: W. Penning

1 Exchange of views on a Draft of the European Community position in response to CODEX document CL 2000/30-AF: request for comments on the revised proposed draft code of practice on good animal feeding and request for information on validated methods of analysis and sampling for regulatory purposes in animal feedingstuffs .

The documents mentioned above were distributed to the delegations.

Document SANCO/3856/00 "Draft European Community position paper (proposal from the European Commission)", contains comments on Document CL 2000 30AF.

Comments from D and B on document CL/2000/30/AF were distributed to the delegations. NL also sent some provisional comments that were also distributed.

After detailed discussion on documents SANCO/3856/00 and CL 2000 30AF, a representative of the Commission informed that a new revised document SANCO/3856/00 will be prepared by 22 November 2000 and it will be sent to the Council for distribution and request for further comments. The deadline to send comments to the Codex Secretariat is 30 November 2000.

2 Exchange of views on a number of cases of bovine copper toxicity. Letter from the UK of 12 October 2000.

UK sent a letter on 12 October 2000 where informs about 14 outbreaks of copper toxicity in bovine. They have also prepared other letter on 13 November.

The UK representative informed that, at that moment, no new information was available. A research has been conducted to know the origin of that copper poisoning.

A representative of the Commission asked the delegations whether similar cases have been occurred.

The German representative informed that a case was reported in Germany where old pipes at the farm were replace by copper pipes.

A Commission representative invited the UK to send the information on this issue as soon as the research will be concluded.

3. Examination of a draft Commission Decision establishing a list of feed materials whose use for animal nutrition purposes is restricted or prohibited

The Commission representative presented the new draft Decision following the modification of the legal basis (Article 13 point b) of the Directive 96/25/EC as last amended by Council Directive 2000/16/EC.

Some minor editorial modification was introduced in the draft. Date of application was modified to 15 November 2001.

This draft will be submitted to next Standing Committee meeting for opinion.

4. Implementation of Commission Decision 2000/285/EC of 5.4.2000 - Letter from the German delegation (on sewage sludge)

Implementation of Commission Decision 2000/285/EC of 5.4.2000. The representation of legal service gives the explanations represented by the German delegation in the letter of 9 June 2000 concerning the prohibition of sewage sludge.

5. Dossiers falling under the scope of article 9g, paragraph 4 of Council Directive 70/524/EEC: compliance with Directive 87/153/EEC.

The representative of the Commission reminded the members of the Standing Committee that the 60 days period during which to check that the dossiers were compiled in accordance with the requirements of Directive 87/153/EEC started on 15 October 2000, as decided at the October meeting of the Standing Committee. Therefore, the comments from the Member-States must be sent to the Commission and the other Member States before 15 December 2000. The representative of the Commission expressed concerns at the very small number of comments received so far.

The members of the Standing Committee were informed that the concerned products will be on the agenda of the January 2001 meeting of the Standing Committee. On that occasion, as provided for in article 4, paragraph 4 of Directive 70/524/EEC, the list of the products whose dossiers do not conform to the above stated requirements will be established.

6. Dioxins in feed materials and feedingstuffs - Exchange of views

The Commission informed the Committee that the Scientific Committee on Animal nutrition has adopted an opinion on 06 November 2000 on the "Dioxin contamination of feedingstuffs and their contribution to the contamination of food of animal origin". It can be expected that the Scientific Committee on Food will adopt in opinion on its "The Risk Assessment of Dioxins and Dioxin-like PCBs in Food" at its plenary session of 21-22 November. As both opinions are closely related the Commission find it appropriate to release both opinions simultaneously within short notice. Therefore the Commission proposed to postpone the exchange of views at a next meeting after the scientific opinions have become available. The Committee did not raise comments.

7. Other business

On the request of a member State, the Commission informed the Committee on her intentions concerning lead, aflatoxin B1, ochratoxin A, deoxynivalenol, zearalenone

7.1. Meeting on traceability and labelling of GMOs

A Commission representative informed on a meeting on traceability and labelling of GMOs where the Commission has the intention to invite appropriate delegates with specific expertise in the fields of environment, and in the sectors concerning food, seed and feed. The meeting shall take place in Brussels on 29 November 2000. The Commission is looking at these issues from a wide perspective and is considering a number of options as a means to establish a consistent and coherent approach. A working document prepared by the Commission services for that meeting was also distributed.

7.2. French Decision regarding the prohibition of the use of certain proteins of animal origin in bovine feeding and extending this prohibition to certain animal fats for the feeding of other animals

Even this issue was being discussed in the Council of Ministers on 20-21 November 2000, Commission representative introduced this debate because the concern of some Member States and Commission. It was demanded some clarification on some of the points of the French Decision.

7.3. Food Standards Agency draft report. BSE review

UK delegation presented the third draft report on 6 November 2000 of the Food Standards Agency. In this draft document it is recommended that animal blood, gelatine and tallow should not be used in animal feed.


Regulatory Committees Standing Committee for Animal Nutrition



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