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Food Safety

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Monitoring for Pesticide Residues in the European Union and Norway - Report 1996

This report on "Monitoring for Pesticides Residues in the European Union and Norway – Report 1996" was forwarded to the Standing Committee on Plant Health on 29/30 July 1998. The Standing Committee agreed that publication of the report was desirable and noted that this was also the view of Norway during the Working Group discussions on the forwarded report.

Maximum residue levels (MRLs) for pesticide residues in and on products of plant origin, including fruit and vegetables, were established by Directive 90/642/EEC (Official journal NO. L 350, 14/12/1990 p. 0071 - 0079) (as amended by Directives 93/58/EEC (Official journal NO. L 211, 23/08/1993 p. 0006 - 0039), 94/30/EC (Official journal NO. L 189, 23/07/1994 p. 0070 - 0083), 95/38/EC (Official journal NO. L 197 , 22/08/1995 p. 0014 - 0028) et 95/61/EC (Official journal NO. L 292 , 07/12/1995 p. 0027 - 0030)). The Directives were implemented by the Member States as well as being applied by Norway. In several cases the entry against a product in the list of MRLs in a Directive is blank except for an annotation signifying that insufficient data exist to set a harmonized MRL but that the data must be generated by a certain date to establish one, in default of which the MRL for that use will be set at the analytical limit of determination (LOD). These are the so-called open positions. In these cases, transitional arrangements apply whereby Member States may set a national MRL in their legislation as a transitional measure until a harmonized MRL, or the LOD, is established in a Directive concerned. Monitoring results pursuant to Directives 86/362/EEC (Official Journal NO. L 221, 07/08/1986 p. 0037 - 0042) on cereals, and 86/363/EEC (Official journal NO. L 221 , 07/08/1986 p. 0043 - 0047) on animal products are not covered by this document. The report covers the national situations in the 15 Community Member States and Norway for the calendar year 1996.

It is evident that this document can only give an overall view on monitoring of pesticide residues, particularly as national practices in reporting were not fully harmonised in 1996. Each Member State and Norway has been invited to contribute a short national statement for inclusion in this document. More detailed information about the situation in individual countries is available from the respective national monitoring authorities.

Inquiries to this report should be addressed to the contact points listed in Annex I.

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Inspection reports Food and Veterinary Office Food of non-animal origin Inspections Pesticides Monitoring reports


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