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EU actions

EU actions

The Roadmap to a resource-efficient Europe PDF identified food as a key sector where resource efficiency should be improved. It announced that it will further assess how best to limit food waste throughout the food supply chain and that it will seek incentives to halve the disposal of edible food waste in the EU by 2020.

The Commission is analysing in close cooperation with stakeholders, experts and Member States how to reduce food waste without compromising food safety and is discussing options for EU actions. The Working Group on Food Waste in the context of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain, Animal & Plant Health discussed on 5/10/2012 PDF and on 8/2/2013 it will discuss good practices, obstacles and options for EU actions to reduce food waste. A wide number of topics are addressed such as: donation of surplus food to food banks, date labelling, feed, short food supply chains, bio-energy, etc.

In parallel, the Commission is disseminating information: a viral clip on food waste, "10 tips to reduce food waste" in all EU languages, clarification of "best before” and “use by” labels in all EU languages.

The Commission is also compiling good practices on food waste reduction initiatives.



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