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Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) - Introduction

Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

What's New?

RASFF preliminary annual report 2013 presenting the main figures for RASFF notifications transmitted in 2013 by classification, hazard and product category, country of origin of the product notified etc. The full annual report with more detail and in-depth analysis is being worked on and will be available in a few months.

Welcome to the RASFF portal!

The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) was put in place to provide food and feed control authorities with an effective tool to exchange information about measures taken responding to serious risks detected in relation to food or feed. This exchange of information helps Member States to act more rapidly and in a coordinated manner in response to a health threat caused by food or feed.

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Who are the members of RASFF?

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The effectiveness of RASFF is ensured by keeping its structure simple: it consists essentially of clearly identified contact points in the Commission, EFSA, EFTA surveillance authority and at national level in member countries, exchanging information in a clear and structured way by means of templates.

Where are the RASFF notifications coming from?

What is the role of the European Commission in RASFF?

What do the RASFF notification templates look like?

Download the latest RASFF annual report to learn more about RASFF in its previous year of operation.

The European Commission has created this portal as part of its striving to make the functioning of the RASFF as transparent as possible to the consumer, business operators and authorities around the world. In doing so however, it needs to strike a balance between openness and protection of information that could lead to disproportionate economical damage. If dangerous products need to be recalled from the market, Member States and the European Commission immediately act to ensure that the product is removed, including providing the necessary information to consumers.

The RASFF portal features an interactive searchable online RASFF database. Here you can see the most recently transmitted RASFF notifications as well as search for information on any notification issued in the past.

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