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EU Reference Laboratories (EURLs)

EU Reference Laboratories (EURLs) aim to ensure high-quality, uniform testing in the EU and support Commission activities on risk management and risk assessment in the area of laboratory analysis.

Regulation EC 882/2004

  • Article 32 defines tasks, duties and requirements;
  • Annex VII lists the EURLs

The Commission can establish new EURLs or change their designation.


  • Provide National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) with analytical methods and diagnostic technics, and coordinate their application;
  • Train NRL staff and experts from developing countries;
  • Assist the Commission scientifically and technically e.g. when EU countries contest results of analysis;
  • Collaborate with the competent laboratories in non-EU countries;
  • Assist actively in the diagnosis of animal disease outbreaks in EU countries.



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