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Details for: (13.054) 2-Acetylfuran

FL No 13.054
In register Yes
Flavis name 2-Acetylfuran
Chemical group number 14
Chemical group name Furfuryl and furan derivatives with and without additional side-chain substituents and heteroatoms.
CAS No 1192-62-7
CE No 11653
JECFA N0 1503
FEMA No 3163
Systematic name Furan, 2-acetyl-
Synonyms 2-Furyl methyl ketone; Methyl 2-Furyl ketone
Evaluation FGE.19
Needed Tox additional data required
Remarks The procedure could not be applied to this furan-substituted substance due to concern with respect to available genotoxicity data, formation of possible toxic metabolites and structural similarity to furan which is carcinogenic (JECFA, 2006b).
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