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Details for: (09.755) Isopentyl benzoate

FL No 09.755
In register Yes
Flavis name Isopentyl benzoate
Chemical group number 23
Chemical group name Benzyl alcohols/aldehydes/acids/esters/acetals. Benzyl and benzoate esters included. May also contain aliphatic acyclic or alicyclic ester or acetal component.
CAS No 94-46-2
CE No 562
JECFA N0 857
FEMA No 2058
Systematic name 3-Methylbutyl benzoate
Synonyms Isoamyl benzoate; Pentyl iso benzoate; Amyl iso benzoate; Isopentyl phenyl methanoate
Evaluation FGE.54
Needed Tox
Remarks Composition of mixture to be specified.
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