Fl@vouring substances

Details for: (01.011) 4-Methyl-1,1'-biphenyl

FL No 01.011
In register Yes
Flavis name 4-Methyl-1,1'-biphenyl
Chemical group number 31
Chemical group name Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.
CAS No 644-08-6
CE No 2292
JECFA N0 1334
FEMA No 3186
Systematic name 1,1-alpha-Biphenyl, 4-methyl-;
Synonyms p-Methyldiphenyl; p-Methylphenylbenzene; Phenyl-p-tolyl; p-Phenyl-toluene
Evaluation FGE.78
Needed Tox
Remarks Not evaluated through the Procedure. Genotoxic in vitro and unresolved problems with potential carcinogenicity
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