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  Genetically Modified Food and Feed - Reports and Studies - Contributionsslide

25 EU countries' contributions

Austia Austria

Contribution pdf
BMG - Assessing Socio-Economic Impacts of GMOs pdf
BMG - Letter pdf

Belgium Belgium

Contribution pdf
Workshop pdf

Cyprus Cyprus

Contribution pdf

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Contribution pdf

Denmark Denmark

Contribution pdf

Estonia Estonia

Contribution pdf

Finland Finland

Contribution pdf
Letter pdf

France France

Contribution pdf
Letter pdf
Politique étrangère pdf
Opinion of Researchers pdf
Haut Conseil des biotechnologies: Réactions du Comité économique, éthique et social pdf
Haut Conseil des biotechnologies: Réactions du Comité Scientifique pdf

Germany Germany

Contribution pdf

Greece Greece

Contribution pdf

Hungary Hungary

Contribution pdf
Economical impact of the introduction of GMOs into the Hungarian Agriculture pdf
Sustainability, Benefit to the Community and Ethics in the Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms pdf

Ireland Ireland

Contribution pdf
Letter pdf
Report on the Socio-Economic Impact of the Marketing of Genetically Modified Organisms pdf

Latvia Latvia

Contribution pdf

Lithuania Lithuania

Contribution pdf
Summary report pdf

Luxembourg Luxembourg

Contribution pdf

Malta Malta

Contribution pdf

Netherlands Netherlands

Contribution pdf
Letter EN pdf
Annex - Response to questionnaire pdf
Annex - LEI report pdf
Annex - Cogem report pdf

Poland Poland

Contribution PL pdf

Portugal Portugal

Contribution pdf

Romania Romania

Contribution - Ministry of Agriculture pdf
Contribution - Ministry of Environment and Forests pdf
EuropaBio Input pdf
MON Input pdf
Syngenta Input pdf
Letter pdf

Slovakia Slovakia

Contribution pdf

Slovenia Slovenia

Contribution pdf

Spain Spain

Contribution ES pdf
COAG, Greenpeace, Amigos de la Tierra pdf

Sweden Sweden

Contribution pdf
Appendix pdf

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Contribution pdf
Chatham House report pdf

Other contributions

Norway Norway

Confédération Paysanne, European Coordination Via Campesina member;

European Mobile Seed Association

Europabio - Attachement I - Attachement II

Several local beekeeping associations, Sweden




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