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  GM Food & Feed - Notification of Existing Productsslide

GM food and feed which were lawfully placed on the market in the Community prior to 18 April 2004 may continue to be placed on the market, used and processed provided that they are notified to the Commission before 18 October 2004.

Detailed rules concerning the preparation and presentation of notifications are laid down in Regulation (EC) 641/2004. pdf

The list of admissible notifications received by the European Commission until 18 October 2004 in the framework of Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 on GM food and feed can be accessed here pdf (last updated : 15/02/05)

When complementary information to these notifications has been requested, it is advised to submit this information electronically using the attached forms :

The notifications received by the European Commission will be subject to the verifications and the procedures in application of Article 8 and 20 of the aforesaid Regulation. Existing food and feed notified and accepted by the Commission will be entered in the Community Register of GM food and feed by 18 April 2005.



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