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  Presentations: SANCO Workshop on Salmonella Control in Pigs 26 February 2009slide

Effect of carcass decontamination at pig slaughterhouses on the number of human Salmonella cases in Denmark, Søren Aabo - Section for Food Hygiene Department of Microbiology and Risk Assessment National Food Institut The Technical University of Denmark

A European Union-wide slaughterhouse baseline survey on the prevalence of Salmonella in slaughter pigs, Pierre-Alexandre Belœil - Zoonoses Data Collection Unit

Comparability of different ELISA’s on the detection of Salmonella spp. antibodies in meat juice and serum of pigs, Petra Berk - Rivm - CRL- Salmonella

Analysis of UK data comparing different sample types for purposes of monitoring Salmonella at slaughter, Alasdair JC Cook - Senior Veterinary Epidemiologist Centre for Epidemiology & Risk Analysis

UK Experience with on-farm interventions to control Salmonella in finisher pigs, Alasdair JC Cook - Senior Veterinary Epidemiologist Centre for Epidemiology & Risk Analysis

Options, cost and effect of salmonella control in pigs and pork, Jan Dahl - DVM, chief advisor food safety Danish Meat Association, UECBV, Clitravi, Safe Pork Europe

EU strategy on the Control of Salmonella spp. in pigs, Dr. Kris De Smet - European Commission

Product Boards for Livestock, Meat and Eggs, Marlies Hanssen - Dutch salmonella control programme & success/risk factors at farm level

EFSA Salmonella in pigs QMRA: Update on progress, Andy Hill - VLA, UK

The development of a tool to measure how well pathogens are controlled in a pork slaughterhouse, Mary Howell - Food Standards Agency UK

Quantitative Risk Assessment on Salmonella in slaughter and breeder pigs, Tobin Robinson, Michaela Hempen, Marta Hugas - Unit on Biological Hazards

Cost benefit analysis of Salmonella control in slaughter pigs, Ólafur Oddgeirsson, Tessa Crilly and Jonathan Rushton - FCC Consortium

Salmonella contamination of slaughter pigs in farm and control options in France : From where do we start ? Where shall we go ?, Salvat G, Denis M - AFSSA-LERAPP, unité HQPAP

Salmonella control in pig production in Sweden, Helene Wahlström - Zoonosiscenter, SVA



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