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Food Hygiene - Community Directives

Council Directives concerning Legislation on Food Hygiene:

Directive 64/433/EEC: Fresh meat

Directive 71/118/EEC: Poultry meat

Directive 72/461/EEC: Fresh meat (animal health rules)

Directive 77/96/EEC: Trichina examination

Directive 77/99/EEC: Meat products

Directive 80/215/EEC: Meat products (animal health rules)

Directive 89/362/EEC: Milking hygiene

Directive 89/437/EEC: Egg products

Directive 91/492/EEC: Live bivalve molluscs

Directive 91/493/EEC: Fishery products

Directive 91/494/EEC: Poultry meat (animal health rules)

Directive 91/495/EEC: Rabbit meat and farmed game meat

Directive 92/45/EEC: Game meat

Directive 92/46/EEC: Milk and milk products

Directive 92/48/EEC: Fishing vessels

Directive 93/43/EEC: Hygiene of foodstuffs

Directive 94/65/EC: Minced meat and meat preparations